Dormant Accounts Funding for LGBTI organisations

On 7th November last , Mr Seán Canney TD, Minister of State for Community Development, Natural Resources and Digital Development, published the Dormant Accounts Action Plan 2020 providing funding to address disadvantage right across the country.  This includes the provision of €200k to support LGBTI Community Organisations.  A copy of the DAF Action Plan 2020 can be viewed here.

In 2019 we also provided funding from the DAF to 10 LGBTI organisations that were identified by Department of Justice and Equality while developing the National LGBTI+ Strategy 2019-2021. 

This year we would like to give other LGBTI organisations the opportunity to avail of some funding.  Based on your local knowledge and expertise we would ask you to assist in identifying organisations in need of such funding.  Please complete the table below and return by cob Wednesday 17th June. 

DRCD have responsibility for a number of actions in the National LGBTI+ Strategy, including the following action that we would like to progress with and it might be something you could consider when making your recommendations….

  • Action 6.3 – Take measures to ensure that existing community infrastructure is inclusive and welcoming to LGBTI+ people and consider the provision of pop-up LGBTI+ services.
Name of OrganisationAmount of Funding  sought

Before funding will be granted consideration should be given to

  1. Structure of organisation
  2. Current staff arrangements
  3. People in catchment area servicing
  4. Current sources of funding
  5. Governance arrangements
  6. Overview of plans organisation
  7. Potential use of funding, if approved.

Funding is for the remainder of 2020 only.

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