Fingal Community Response to COVID-19 Survey – Terms of Reference


Fingal County Council in association with Fingal PPN and Fingal Volunteer Centre are reaching out to community and voluntary groups that are responding locally to COVID-19. These groups are providing essential services that are contributing to containing the reach of the virus. Services include delivering food and prescriptions, providing telephone support and a friendly listening ear, sign posting concerned people to local services and generally providing those in isolation with remote social contact.


The survey will reach out and identify community groups that have mobilised to safely respond to COVID 19. Information provided will be used to inform

  • the Fingal PPN COVID-19 Solidarity Page and Mapping of Local Responses
  • the database of groups that Community Workers will liaise with  when following up on issues  from Community Support Helpline
  • a database of issues experienced by service users to be raised at the Fingal COVID-19 Community Response Forum
  • a database of Local Response Groups that require Volunteer related supports to be sign posted to the Fingal Volunteer Centre
  • a database of Local Response Groups that require funding supports to be assigned to the local community office team  to advise on the Fingal Community Response to COVID-19 funding scheme


  • Community groups complete and submit the online Fingal Community Response Survey via Jotform
  • Survey to be managed by the FCC Senior Community Officer
  • Information to be distributed accordingly
  • Fingal PPN, senior Community Officer to facilitate the following
    • FPPN Resource Worker to receive notification email detailing specific group details (  contact, location and description of activity
    • All details to be posted on the COVID-19 Solidarity page
    • All details to be uploaded on the interactive map
  • Principal Community Officer,
    • SEO to email  the PO to report on groups that have completed the survey/registered (daily)
    • PO to review and identify groups that will service the Community Support Helpline
    • PO to circulate a database of Community Groups to the team supporting the Helpline
  • Fingal Volunteer Centre
    • SEO to email the Fingal Volunteer Centre to report on groups that require any Volunteer related support (daily)
    • Fingal Volunteer Centre to follow up and assist groups to develop the necessary Volunteer structures (as per set on in National Action Plan guidelines  
  • Fingal COVID-19 Community Response Forum
    • SEO to maintain a database of issues experienced by client users reported by Local Response Teams in the survey
    • Database will be available as required by the PO for reporting to the Fingal COVID-19 Community Response Forum
  • Community Officer Team
    • SEO  to identify and report on all groups that require funding assistance to the relevant Community development Officer
    • Community Development Officer to follow up with the group and advice on their application for the Fingal Community Response to COVID-19 Funding Scheme
  • GDPR guidelines will apply to all information provided by the groups.
  • All groups will be informed that their information have been received and being uploaded in a timely manner and this will be subject to the business continuity demands. 
  • FCC Community Development Office is the lead office of the Fingal Community Response  Survey
  • All information gathered will be removed once the Community Response to COVID-19 is no longer necessary or when request by the group.
  • SEO to email Community Group when this database is suspended