JCI Fingal Open Night – April 29th

Are you a young professional looking to develop leadership skills to help you further your career? Are you eager to make a lasting impact in your local community? Do you want the opportunity to travel to exciting new places and meet people from all over the world? Are you feeling lost and looking for a positive CHANGE in your life during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Do you want to be part of the largest global network of young professionals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then JCI is for you!

With around 5,000 local organizations in more than 100 nations, JCI, as a non-profit organization, forms a vibrant global community of nearly 200,000 young people. The collective action of all JCI local organizations forms a global grassroots movement, empowering members to run effective projects, exchange ideas, and work together.

JCI Fingal are looking for new members and we are happy to host new members open night on 29th April (Thur) at 6:30pm to introduce JCI opportunities to you. 

Also, we have invited VIP guest speaker Brian Smyth to share how he started his JCI journey at JCI Fingal and how JCI transforms him into a better leader with us. Brian is the Director of Strategy and Innovation, Communications, Media & Technology of Accenture, and 2016 JCI Ireland National President. 

The zoom link will be shared by email 2 days before the event!

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