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Welcome to Fingal Public Participation Network

Fingal Public Participation is the local Public Participation Network and therefore is Fingal’s new framework for public engagement. It will provide the structure to facilitate the two way flow of information between the Local Authority and Community, Voluntary and Environmental groups. The network will enable residents of Fingal and community organisations to influence plans and policies for the future development of the County.

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Fingal Public Participation Network News

On the 31st May, Fingal PPN will he holding their 5th Plenary meeting in the Crown Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown 6.30pm. The Plenary primarily provides the opportunity for the PPN Secretariat to report on activities, for members to raise and discuss issues and for PPN Representatives to feedback on issues and progress from their committees. In addition, information will be shared on funding opportunities, SEI energy saving initiatives and Fingal Tourism Strategy.  For More Information or register your interest CLICK HERE

Elections for the Vacant Representative Positions

Elections for the current vacancies will take place in the following:

  • PPN Secretariat                                                                              31st May, PPN Plenary
  • Economic Enterprise Development and Tourism SPC          9th May, Linkage Group
  • Housing Strategic Policy Committee                                         9th May, Linkage Group
  • Arts Culture Heritage & Community SPC                                 13th June, Linkage Group

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