Linkage Groups going online from September!

Fingal PPN Linkage Group are going online from September! All Linkage Group Facilitators will be in touch with Linkage Group members soon by email with an update on their Linkage Group. 

What are Linkage Groups?

Linkage Groups are subgroups of the PPN who work on specific thematic issues. You and your members are more than welcome to get involved in the area you have an interest in

How do they influence decision makers?

Each Linkage Group has volunteer community representatives who sit on relevant Committees. These representatives feedback the views of the Linkage Group to the Committees and keep the Linkage Group informed of relevant policy and strategy developments. 

When are they on and how do I get involved? These meetings will be held online and details on how to register will be issued in due course. The calendar can be viewed here:

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