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Name of Representatives

Raymond Ryan –  Environment – Swords/ Balbriggan

Bob Laird – Community & Voluntary – Swords/Balbriggan


Issues identified at Linkage Group Meetings

Discussed and agreed the following motion that was submitted to the SPC- we need a study on modal interchanges with the county and on gaps in their effectiveness.


  1. all modes and interchanges
  2. the physical nature of those that exist, and where additional interchanges might be beneficial
  3. the service arrangements at these interchanges

Name of the Decision Making Committee that our Representatives attend

Transport Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)

Purpose of the Committee/ Overview Statement

Transport Strategic Policy Committee is a committee of Fingal County Council

  • It is tasked to advise and to assist the Council to develop policy
  • Final policy decisions will rest ultimately with the full Council
  • System is intended to give Councillors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process from the early stages

Issues considered by the SPC

  • Audit of Transport Interchanges
  • Dublin Agglomeration Environmental Noise Action Plan – FCC required to undertake a mapping of noise levels from major roads
  • Coastal Cycle Ways – FCC objective to provide a coastal pedestrian /cycle route from Sutton to Balbriggan
  • Road Safety programme – aim to reduce collisions on the road
  • Public Transport
  • FCC Winter Maintenance programme
  • FCC Programme of 30km Speed limit in Residential Area
  • Public Lighting
  • Cycle Network in Fingal – National Cycle Policy Framework 2009 – 2010 (deliver new culture of cycling)
  • Rural Transport – where the gaps are in rural transport and where Flexibus can support
  • Green school Transport Audit

Focus for the Future/ SPC Programme of Work

Awaiting Transport SPC Approved SPC Programme of Work

Next Linkage Group Meeting

The next Linkage Group Meeting is scheduled for

Date: Monday 11th October

Time: 7pm

Location: FCC Offices, County Hall, Swords

These meetings are open to members of the PPN, for further information contact

Meeting Minutes

Report / Submissions