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Register now for upcoming meetings

Meetings take place from 7pm to 8.30pm in County Hall Swords.

Parking is available. Tea, coffee, water and biscuits will be available.

2019 Linkage Group Meetings

  • Please provide an email address to receive confirmation of registration and reminders about meetings.
  • Please provide a mobile number to receive reminder text messages about meetings.
  • Even if you cannot make the meeting. Let us know which groups you are interested in.

Additional Information

Linkage Group Meetings Calendar 2019

Click here to download the Linkage Group Calendar for 2019: 2019_Calendar_LG


Draft Terms of Reference for Linkage Groups

You can download a draft terms of reference (set of rules) for the Linkage Groups here: 2018_LG_TOR_Draft

Each Linkage Group will adopt their own Terms.

Fingal PPN Community Issues Paper

The Fingal PPN Community Issues Paper is a publication of various issues compiled by communities across Fingal. It acts as a basic reference for the advocacy efforts of our PPN Representatives. You can download it here: FPPN_Issues_Paper_2018