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Why should my group join?

The FPPN brings together all groups and organisations working on a community and voluntary basis in Fingal. Being part of the FPPN gives your group the opportunity to participate at decision making and policy development level.

Membership is FREE and as member community group you will benefit from:

  • Networking with your Peers
  • Access to information, support and training
  • Criteria for funding
  • Organised engagement with Fingal County Council
  • Access to decision making bodies
  • Influencing decision making and policies
  • Being represented and being part of represented view of the community
  • Being a member of the Fingal County Register

Who can Join?

  • Not for profit organisation /group with a postal address in Fingal
  • An organisation /group that has a stake in the community and address local issues
  • An organisation /group with an agreed set of rules
  • An organisation /group with a working structure
  • An organisation /group that is in existence for at least 12 months

Individuals can join an existing organisation /group or can establish as an interest group to register.

How can I join?

Sign up with the Fingal Community County Register. Once registered, you will automatically become members of the Fingal Public Participation Network.

Register Your Group

How long will my organisation /group membership last?

Organisations, once registered and continue to operate within the ‘Description of Activities’ detailed in the Fingal Community County Registration Form, will remain eligible for membership. Groups will be required to reaffirm membership each year – confirming that they still want to be involved and update contact details.

What are Electoral Colleges and why does my organisation need to select one?

When you register, you will be asked to select an Electoral College. Electoral Colleges are also referred to as a Pillars. It is a means of categorising organisations according to their activities. The Fingal Public Participation Network is categorising organisations according to 3 colleges namely Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary and Environment. We encourage all organisations to select the college that best describes their activity as this will determine what decision making body their organisation will be eligible to seek representation on. The following is a description of activities that best describe each college

The primary objective and activity of the group must focus on responses to local issues and concerns. Example of groups that may be included in this college: residents/tenants associations, sports and recreation groups, community associations, youth groups, community councils, arts groups, active retirement groups, self-help groups.
The primary objective and activities of the group must be focused on poverty reduction, community development, equality and social justice. Example of groups that may be included in this college: disability, ethnic minority, family support, urban and rural disadvantage, youth, traveller, women, literacy, social justice, equality promotion, LGBT, community development, children service, drugs and alcohol and older people.
The primary objective and activities of the group must be focused on environmental (i.e. ecological) protection and or environmental sustainability.

Examples of groups that may be included in this college: permanent protection of wildlife, organic horticultural and education, environmental sustainability and agreed national organisations whose local groups will be automatically eligible to join the environment electoral college.

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