Enhancing social cohesion among communities in rural Ireland

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The Royal Irish Academy is holding a series of three rural community and development stakeholders’ consultative events in association with the Department of Rural and Community Development. The second of the Rural Conversations series will take place on 28 February 2019 in Dundalk Institute of Technology at Muirhevna Building.

You are invited to register to participate in the second

Rural Conversation:

‘Enhancing social cohesion among communities in rural Ireland’

Thursday, 28 February 2019

11.00 a.m.–1.30 p.m.

Registration with tea/coffee from 10.15 a.m.

Networking lunch at 1.30 p.m.

Hosted by Dundalk Institute of Technology

Registration essential—Places are limited so early registration is advised



About the event:

This roundtable feedback event will elicit stakeholders’ contributions on recommendations for enhancing social cohesion among communities in rural Ireland.  The outputs from the event will help to inform the development of future Government policy on rural development.

Stakeholders will be seated at a number of roundtables and will be asked to discuss, formulate and feedback recommendations on these three questions:

  1. What are the key positive and negative factors impacting social cohesion in rural communities?
  2. Which cohorts within rural communities are most affected by a lack of cohesion among and between community segments (e.g. youth, elderly, new citizens, etc.), and how are they impacted?
  3. What actions need to be taken in order to enhance cohesion and strengthen social support structures for all rural dwellers?

During the roundtables feedback session, stakeholders’ recommendations will be fed back to the room by each roundtable Chair.  The feedback session will be recorded in a rapporteur’s report and audio recorded for podcasting.  The rapporteur’s report of this event may include names of attendees and their affiliations. The roundtable feedback by the Chairs at each roundtable (not the full discussions at the roundtables) will be audio recorded.  There may also be a photographer at this event. Please read the attached Transparency and Consent Information document in relation to all of those items.

As a stakeholder, your participation to this event and the resultant recommendations for future policy would be greatly valued.  It is important that there is a broad cross-section of representatives from the stakeholder community providing the feedback of recommendations. Therefore, we may need to review registrations to ensure broad representation of stakeholders.  Should we find that there is an imbalance in the stakeholders who have registered we may need to adjust for that.

Register here, thank you.

Supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, and DkIT



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