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Did you know that interviewers from the Central Statistics Office conduct surveys in 3,000 households across the country every week of the year?

 The Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) conducts a number of Household Surveys. Such surveys gather information on the economic and social situation of households in Ireland.

The Household surveys include: The Census, The Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC), The Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS), The Household Budget Survey (HBS) and Planning Permissions.

Central and local government, businesses, community organisations and many others rely on this information to help them make decisions that affect the lives of everyone living and working in the Ireland.


Taking part in a survey

Household surveys are conducted to collect valuable decision making information for the country. The information that householders provide is a vital tool in planning for the present and future needs of Ireland. It enables the CSO to measure our country’s progress, on important social and economic issues, such as employment, poverty, childcare, health and crime.

The CSO employs Field Officers in the collection of Household Survey Statistics. All CSO interviewers carry an ID card with a photo. In the case of some surveys, the interviewer will use a tablet computer to record your answers.


If you have been asked to take part in one of our surveys, we will:

  • identify ourselves as from the CSO whenever we contact you, displaying our logo on all letters and leaflets and on our interviewers’ photo ID cards.
  • when interviewing you in your home or by telephone, arrange a time convenient to you.
  • try to make the experience of taking part in a survey as straightforward and as worthwhile as possible.
  • only ask as many people to take part as necessary for the accuracy of our statistics.
  • be honest with you about your participation being voluntary and give you a realistic idea of how long the survey may take.
  • remember that you have kindly taken the time to speak to us – in your home, on the phone or in a port or airport – and respect your privacy.



Confidentiality is a priority for the CSO and all information given to the interviewer is

encrypted, transmitted securely and is used for statistical purposes only. Results are published in aggregate format only, and it is impossible for individuals or households to be identified. This confidentiality is guaranteed by law under the Statistics Act, 1993.


Further information

If you would like more information on CSO household surveys you can contact information@cso.ie / eolas@cso.ie.

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