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Arts Culture Heritage Community & Sport

Name of Representatives

Lorcan Blake – Community & Voluntary

Arun Gilles Rao – Community & Voluntary


Next Linkage Group Meeting

Click here to find out when the next Arts Culture Heritage and Community Linkage Group meeting is scheduled for.

These meetings are open to all members of the PPN, for further information contact

Dates of previous Linkage Group Meetings

  • 5th September 2017
  • 13th June 2017
  • 14th March 2017
  • 6th December 2016
  • 13th September 2016

Role of our FPPN Representatives

  • Represent FPPN and be accountable to the FPPN membership
  • Do not represent their own organisation
  • Represent the views and take direction from members of the Arts Culture Heritage and Community linkage group
  • Attend and participate at all Arts Culture Heritage and Community Strategic Policy Committee meetings.
  • Bring issues to the Linkage Group, FPPN Plenary
  • Report back to FPPN Plenary on issues being raised
  • Report to the Secretariat and Resource Worker

Issues raised at Linkage Groups Meetings

  • Requirement for greater interlinking of FCC services provided
  • FCC effective communications strategy
  • Facilitation to best understand existing policy
  • Annual Budget for all policy areas in the SPC was requested by the member organisations present in order to better assess and evaluate expenditure against purpose, service and value
  • Expend resources fairly and evenly across Fingal and to measure expenditure against effect and value for money going forward.
  • Community sports facilities, such as the Bremore All Weather facility, where facilities are shared, on a commercial basis, be the sports facility model for the future.
  • Financially support new Sports groups for 3 to 5 years Better recognition of water sports, park runs and walking groups in the Sports Strategy
  • Increase effort to encourage children to take part in a variety of sports – sport ‘swaps’
  • organisation, promotion, communication and leadership of heritage trails and the inter-linkages between trails was considered to be a priority
  • Artist-in-residence Programme (ARP), under the Youth & Education Programme for art – schools need a follow up strategy when the programme finishes
  • Emphasis on Arts for Older People – musicians, artists etc. – to form part of the Age Friendly Strategy.
  • Libraries are resourced equally as is appropriate to the population of the catchment area.
  • Policies/Plans should be reviewed annually – with input/feedback from the Community.

Purpose of Committee

Arts Culture Heritage Community SPC is a committee of Fingal County Council

  • It is tasked to advise and to assist the Council to develop policy
  • Final policy decisions will rest ultimately with the full Council
  • System is intended to give Councillors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process from the early stages

Issues considered by the SPC

  • Development of the Arts, Culture, Heritage & Community Development SPC Work Plan
  • Establishment of Swords Create Alliance – group of artists and art groups that are feeding into the Swords Civic Centre
  • Establishment of Coiste Irish Language Committee
  • Promotion of all Community Services – Library, Sports, Arts, Community, Heritage

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