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About Fingal Public Participation Network

Fingal Public Participation is the local Public Participation Network and therefore is Fingal’s new framework for public engagement. It will provide the structure to facilitate the two way flow of information between the Local Authority and Community, Voluntary and Environmental groups. The network will enable residents of Fingal and community organisations to influence plans and policies for the future development of the County.
Fingal County Council Community Development Office worked with the Fingal Community and Voluntary Forum (FCVF) and the Environment representative to oversee it’s development. FPPN established in Nov 2014 following the Plenary Meeting and responsibility was transferred over to the elected Secretariat to oversee the day to management of FPPN
As outlined in the Department Evironment, Community and Local Government Guidelines, Fingal PPN adopted the following  structure

  • County Plenary ( which deals with county issues)
  • Linkage Groups (which deal with specific issues)
  • Secretariat ( facilitate the work of the FPPN and share information on all activities)
  • Decision Making Committees
A Plenary is a meeting of the entire membership of the Network and we encourage the attendance of all group. The FPPN has held three Plenaries

The main function of the Secretariat is to ensure the proper function of Fingal Public Participation Network between Plenary meetings through coordinating and implementing the work of FPPN and Linkage Groups.

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A Decision Making Committee is the mechanism through where the community can influence decision making and policy development of Fingal County Council. Fingal Public Participation Network is tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the appointment of representatives from the environmental, social inclusion and Community & Voluntary colleges onto Fingal County Council decision making bodies

FPPN members are only eligible to hold a representative position in one Decision Making Committee. FPPN have nominated 23 representatives to 8 Committees

A linkage group is a committee of common interest groups who have the responsibility for electing representatives to Decision Making Bodies and giving direction to those representatives. Any member of FPPN can become a member of a Linkage Group.

The FPPN structure is represented below in a Horizontal Organisational Chart to reflect the ‘flat structure’ through which the networks are required to work within.


Linkage Groups
Following a consultation session, the Secretariat agreed the following Vision, Values and principles for FPPN


The Vision of the Fingal Public Participation Network is to ‘act as the voice of the Community in Fingal and to influence improved decision making in the county’.


The Fingal PPN is underpinned by the values of

  • Openness and transparency
  • Democracy and accountability
  • Inclusiveness and participation


Fingal Public Participation Network operates under the principles of:

  • Clarity – clarity of role and structure
  • Commitment – commitment to attend all meetings and report back at different levels
  • Communications – communicate in a clear, concise, simple and timely manner
  • Consistency – clear mechanism of two way feedback
A key goal of FPPN is to create a shared vision for  Well being. This statement of wellbeing will underpin the approach and embody all work undertaken by the network.

At present, FPPN are partnering with IT Blanchardstown Civic Engagement department to plan how we will create this vision with our member groups.

Who is our resource worker

Fingal PPN office is based in Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown.  Jamie Moore is the Fingal PPN Resource Workers. Contact Jamie at ppn@fingal.ie or on 01 890 6235.

Role of our Resource Worker

  • Facilitate the participation and representation of communities on decision making bodies.
  • Strengthen the capacity of to contribute positively to the community in which they reside / participate
  • Provide information relevant to groups and acts as a hub around which information is distributed and received.

Duties of our Resource Worker

  • Co-ordinate the nominating and election process for representatives onto Boards and Committees including liaison with the requesting body
  • Support elected PPN representatives in their work, and in particular facilitating effective feedback between them and their linkage group and the wider PPN community, leading to the full diversity of views being reflected.
  • Promote PPN membership and encourage participation by all groups, especially those traditionally excluded
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate PPN events including meetings of the Plenary, Linkage Groups and other such structures as may be required
  • Establish capacity building needs for member groups and work to meet those identified needs via delivering formal or informal training and networking. This is likely to include collaborating with other agencies/entities e.g. Volunteer Centres, LCDCs, Local Development Companies, ETBs etc.

How can the Resource Worker help my group /organisation

The Resource workers are available to

  • provide information and support around participating in the Fingal PPN by guiding you through the registration process

Once a member of the Network the Resource Workers will

  • Ensure your group receives regular updates/feedback around what is happening in the Network – feedback from reps on Policy Committees etc – invitations to the various Linkage Group meetings/Plenary etc
  • Provide information around funding opportunities
  • Provide information around training opportunities – training identified by the Network members.
  • Be available to answer any queries you might have in relation to your participation
  • Organise training
  • Co-ordinate and organise Linkage Group Meetings

Contacting the Resource Worker

You can contact Jamie Moore on 01 890 6235 or at ppn@fingal.ie.

FPPN Workplan 2016 – 2018

The FPPN Secretariat agreed the FPPN Workplan in Jan 2016. The plan identifies 20 key actions and targets what work towards achieving a more effective PPN . The FPPN Resource Worker is responsible for implementing the plan with support from the Secretariat.

Ensure that the Network operates to the highest possible standard
Action Who is Responsible? Key Performance Indicator/Targets to be met – Timescale
  •  Agree Network membership criteria; (Electoral College/Geo Area/Financial/Governance etc)


  • Examine the original Dept Guidelines outlining the rationale for membership criteria
  • Recommend to the Secretariat and FCN Membership changes and amend where appropriate/necessary
Resource Worker
  • Recommendation of changes
  • Decision taken to make changes to membership criteria
June 2016
  • Review Network Registration Form and process


  • Look at how groups register – postal/electronic?
  • Examine & revise the existing Registration Form
  • Develop Electronic/ Online Registeration form
  • Organise reprint
Resource Worker
  • Revised registration form
  • Online registration form facility
June 2016
  • Organise election of network representatives


  • Develop and agree a process of election/selection of candidates for existing vacancies
  • Convene elections when necessary
Resource Worker/ Secreteriat
  • Election Policy
  • Occurrence of an election
  • Elected representatives filling positions
June 2016


  • Develop Network Terms of reference/ Constitution


  • Develop short easily read/understood document (TOR/ constitution)
  • Present to the FCN for approval
Secretariat/ Resource Worker
  • Constitution
  • Constitution presented at plenary meeting
June 2016
  • Organise 2 Plenary Meetings per annum – prepare, notices/agenda/minutes/venues etc


  • Agree appropriate dates for both Plenaries
  • Plan/book venue when appropriate
  • Ensure Plenaries are widely publicised – community notice boards/local radio/etc
  • Ensure that minutes from previous Plenary are circulated
  • Ensure that Agenda is set and Speakers etc are informed and supported
  • Ensure plenary can facilitate decision making and to bring proposals forward (if required)
  • Provide update on FCN workplan progress
Resource Worker/ Secretariat/ FCN Elected Representatives
  • Occurrence of meeting
  • No’s attending
  • No of Decisions taken
  • No of proposals presented
  • Organise 9 Secretariat Meetings per annum – prepare notices/agendas/minutes/venues etc.


  • Develop a Calendar of Meeting dates and Venues
  • Book venues when appropriate/arrange refreshments etc
  • Ensure that Minutes and Agenda are circulated in good time
  • Send Meeting Reminder to Secretariat members
  • Ensure that any other appropriate tasks are carried out before meetings
  • Take minutes at the meetings
  • Monitor attendance of FCN Elected Representatives at Meetings
  • Enusre the proposals are presented and decision are takens
Resource Worker/ Secretariat
  • Occurrence of meeting
  • No’s attending
  • No of decisions taken
  • No of proposals presented
  • Circulation of minutes and agenda
  • Report on elected representatives
  • Support the development of Linkage Groups


  • Keep and maintain a register of Linkage group members
  • Develop a Linkage Group terms of reference including key focus of work
  • Facilitate election of FCN representatives (when appropriate)
  • Develop guideline/ structure to ensure that FCN reprs are reporting to the Linkage Groups
  • Convene linkage group meetings
  • Explore and identify most suitable mechanism to communicate with LG members
  • Review and evaluate work of Linkage Group
Resource Worker/ Secretariat/ FCN Elected Representatives
  • No of Linkage Group meetings
  • Register of LG members
  • LG TOR
  • Occurrence of elections
  • New communications mechanisms
  • Reporting structure and no of reports
June 2016


  • Implement Governance Code for Community, Voluntary & Charitable Organisations e.g. business Plan. Policies & Procedures; risk assessment etc


  • Become familiar with the Governance Code for Community Voluntary & Charitable Organisations
  • Examine the five principles of the Code and develop a plan/timescale to ensure that FCN will be in a position to adopt the Code in the future
  • Code Implemented
  • Ensure that the Secretariat and members are kept aware of developments at a National level


  • Attend National and Regional briefing Sessions
  • Liaise/network with other PPN members/Secretariats/Resource Workers – sharing information and best practice
Resource Worker
  • No of meeting attended
  • No of best practice and information shared
  • Review the work of the Network on an annual basis, both quantitative and qualitative


  • Develop and Review the workplan
  • Design a method of evaluation/feedback i.e. questionnaire,  and circulate to FCN members on network performance
Secretariat/ Resource Worker
  • Questionnaire
  • No of feedback received
  • Workplan revised
  • Manage and Maintain an Active Register of Groups


  • Update register with new application details
  • Report to secretariat on new memberships
  • Revise membership details when requested/informed or schedule every 3 years
Resource Worker
  • Updated register
  • Register groups  – past of RW meeting report
  • Schedule 3 year update of FCN members details


  • Develop Statement of Wellbeign


  • Facilite discussion and agree  a  ‘Statement of Wellbeign’ with the Network members
Resource Worker/ Secretariat/ network members
  • Statement of Wellbeign
  • Develp Network Policy and Procedures

Identify list of policy and procedures required
Write and agree the network procedures

Resource Worker/ Secretariat
  • List policies
  • Policies agreed and implemenbted
June 2016
Support the Network member – elected representative, secretariat and general member
Action Who is responsible? Key Performance Indicator/Target to be met – KPIs Timescale
  • Develop a Training Support Programme for the Network – Elected Representatives, Secretariat members and general member


  • Consult with network members to identify their training requirements
  • Design/implement training programme
  • Collaborate with agencies (FCC, ETB etc) on the provision of training and support
Resource Worker/FCC/ other agencies
  • Consult with (i) Elected Representatives, (ii) Secretariat members and (iii) general members
  • Programme of Training and Support
  • Occurrence  of Training
2. Provision of direct support to Elected Representatives


  • Develop Procedural Guidelines/Manual for Network Representatives- include all information  relevant to their positions e.g. Standing Orders/Calendar of Meetings/Chairperson, Committee Members/Contact details for Secretariat, Resource Worker etc
  • Design/ implement supports programme i.e. induction Session/induction Pack for Representatives on SPCs etc
  • Advocate on behalf of Elected representative to key stakeholder to further their participation in decision making
Resource Worker
  • Development of Procedural Guideline
  • Development of Support mechanisms – induction pack etc
  • Liaisons with Stakeholders
June 2016
Support and monitor the work of the Network Resource Worker:
Action Who is responsible? Key Performance Indicator/Targets to be met – KPIs Timescale
  • Liaise with FCC on the management of the Resource Worker


  • Recruit the Resource Worker
  • Agree a workplan for the resource worker
  • Agree a structure to manage the Resource worker
  • Review the work of the Resource Worker
  • Resource worker employed
  • Management structure development and implemented
  • Workplan developed and reviewed
June 2016
Promote the Network amongst its Members and in the wider community
Action Who is responsible? Key Performance Indicator/Targets to be met – KPIs Timescale
  • Actively promote new membership of the Network


  • Advertise work of network and encourage membership via website/ online registration, information events, print media/ radio interview, etc…
  • Review old CCS database and target groups that have not transfer over to register
Resource Worker/
  • Increase in membership numbers
  • Develop  PR Strategy to actively promote the work of the Network– social media. Local and regional media


  • Design brochure/logo etc
  • Develop and maintain website
  • Develop and circulate newsletter/ ezine/ info emails
  • Newspaper articles and interviews
Resource Worker
  • Strategy completed
  • Brochure, logo,
  • website in place and no of traffic
  • No of newsletters circulated
  • No of articles and interviews featured
  • Encourage National Network Group to develop a National PR Strategy


  • Attend Regional Meetings etc
  • Lobby for the development of a PR Strategy
  • National PR Strategy
  • Ensure that the work of the Network is not only recognised in FCC policies and plans e.g. Local Economic and Community Plan; County Dev Plan; Green Infrastructural Plan etc. but is also integrated into the plans and policies of other organisations e.g. Education and Training Board (ETB); Fingal Partnership; Dept of Social Protection


  • Identity key organisation and list of key contacts
  • Invite organisations to plenary
  • Circulate information to relevant organisation/ key contacts
  • Provide opportunity for relevant  organisations to address plenary when required
  • Make submissions to relevant organisations plan/ policies/ newsletter when invited
  • List of key Interest Organisations
  • Attendance at plenary
  • No of addresses made by organisations
  • No of submissions made by FCN
  • No of Information/ Newsletters submitted
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